Friday, July 16, 2010

Condolences to Randy on the loss of his mother

Emilie Meisner, Randy's mother, passed away on Sunday, July 11th at the age of 99. She was a lifetime resident of Scottsbluff, Nebraska. Her obituary can be viewed here. Our condolences go out to Randy and his family. Thanks to Eve for letting us know about this.


TimWorrell said...

What a loss of a loved one who listened to her son's music for many, many years as she grew old and lived a long life. Randy must be sad but happy that she ran the race all the way to the end with good ol fashioned southern music flowing through her veins as does with her son, Randy.
If yer out there Randy and see this, know that people in tacoma, WA still know you and love your music. I first went to your concert in Santa Barbara Bowl back in 1982 with America. You jammed out BIG TIME man!
Man, those were the good old days weren't they?
Tim Worrell, Tacoma, Wash.

Unknown said...

Life does little to prepare us for the loss of a parent...please accept my deepest sympathies for your loss...each day is a new experience, but please know, Randy, that with God and Jesus Christ, you are not alone.