Monday, March 7, 2016


Our sincere condolences to Randy Meisner on the loss of his wife, Lana.


Unknown said...

Hi Randy, was very shocked, when I read about your loss. I´m very sad that in the evening of your live you´ve lost your wive a few days after Glenn Frey has gone without reconciliation. Now your wive has gone too even in a very tragic and sudden way. I hope that music and the friendship with Don Felder can be helpful in Your situation. I also hope that you are still friends. In his book about his life he talks very positive about you. Dear Randy, I wish you all the best and all strength to cope all this, your fan teddy lindner from Austria in Europe

evlunclbud said...

Just now reading this, Randy. Very sad for your loss. I lost my mother this year, so I think 2016 has to end sooner rather than later.