Thursday, July 27, 2023

RIP, Randy Meisner

According to a post on the official Eagles Facebook page, Randy Meisner has passed away. According to their post, he died on"July 26 in Los Angeles at age 77, due to complications from Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease."

This news is devastating not only to his family and friends, but to his fans and the music community at large. Randy Meisner's distinct voice was unlike any other, and he was instrumental in building the band that would become a worldwide phenomenon. 

His most famous song "Take It to the Limit" has reached an iconic status that few achieve, but his other contributions such as the poignant "Try and Love Again" and the incendiary "Too Many Hands" enriched the band's albums. Listen to "Outlaw Man" if you want to hear a demonstration of his prowess on the bass guitar. He was a massive asset to the band on both the low and the high end.

His solo career gave him a chance to branch out artistically and work with other songwriters. He showed more range than he had been able to do with the Eagles. When he returned to Poco to record Legacy in 1989, he was able to help them achieve a top 40 hit with the beautiful "Nothing to Hide." 

Randy's final appearance with the Eagles was at their Hall of Fame induction in 1997. In his later years, Randy always seemed positive and philosophical about his time with the Eagles and his life in general. While his health may have deteriorated, his sweet spirit did not. 

 He will be greatly missed.

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